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Sussex Police badged warrant card wallet

Sussex Police badged warrant card wallet

**Restricted Item**-only available to serving Sussex Officers/Staff. Verifiable collar number and Force allocated email details Required.

A high quality leather warrant card wallet with attached Sussex Police crest.

The wallet is handcrafted in the UK, using only fine grain, durable British leather.

The nickel and polished glass enamel crest is secured to the wallet's badge flap by integral fixing blades, permitting display from a shirt or jacket pocket.

**Please note** This product is a restricted item and will only be supplied to serving Officers and/or Staff of Sussex Police. A verifiable collar number or Staff ID number is required when placing an order. Please supply this information in the "Notes" section of the online order form. 

We are happy to supply Relatives and Partners of Serving Officers /Staff, for gifting purposes, but the Officers' /Staff member's details must be provided for verification.

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