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Cheshire Constabulary badged neck ID card holder

Cheshire Constabulary badged neck ID card holder

**Please note-the updated Cheshire badged products (King’s Crown) will be available at the end of June**

A neck warrant card/ID card holder with Cheshire Constabulary crest.

The holder is manufactured in durable , hard wearing genuine British leather, rather than the flimsy faux leather items which proliferate many other online sites and which fall apart within weeks.

To the front, the Cheshire Constabulary Force crest is recreated in polished nickel and enamel and secured to the Holder by integral fixing blades. Above the crest the text “Police” is embossed into the leather in hard wearing silver leaf.

Inside are two windowed card compartments in which to carry/ display your warrant card and any additional card, such as premises entry pass. This holder can be securely closed by way of a strong Velcro clasp, rather than a magnetic one, in order to protect any electronic imprints on your cards.

To the rear is another, non windowed compartment, in which to store other cards or that emergency tenner.

Complete with Printed Police safety lanyard, with break-away clasp 

**Please note** This product can only be supplied to serving Officers /Staff of Cheshire Constabulary. Please make contact via your personal Force email address, once you’ve placed an order. This will act as suitable verification of your eligibility to purchase this Restricted Item. Alternatively, please supply your collar number via our Contact us message page, so that we may manually obtain verification.

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